About us

To be closer to our customers and their needs, we have developed a focused approach and in-depth knowledge of the life sciences industry.

We support pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies in the development of their healthcare products.

We are involved at every stage of a healthcare product's lifecycle, working with clients on a wide range of challenges and projects.

Our vision and mission

The healthcare industry is essential to our society, guaranteeing the well-being of each individual and providing strictly standardised products. Everyone must be able to trust the products that guarantee their health. As health is a fundamental human right, everyone must be able to take care of their health without questioning the quality of the products they consume.

Our mission is to support life sciences players to go beyond the standards while delivering products of impeccable quality that meet strict regulations, in the interest of each individual.

Key figures

Alispharm by CBTW

  • + 400
  • 35 million €
  • + 200
  • 4
  • 8
  • 800 / year
Do our values match yours?

Our values


A dynamic and demanding sector, the healthcare industry is constantly faced with the need to combine responsiveness, quality and standards. Thanks to our know-how and our culture of excellence, we provide a relevant and personalized response to each problem.


Driven by the satisfaction of our clients, we position ourselves as a partner of choice. We are able to accompany them in each of their requirements and needs thanks to our drive and commitment.


Healthcare manufacturers must be innovative and efficient to remain competitive. Aware of the importance of these challenges, our teams are proactively involved in both the marketing process and the entire product life cycle.


Due to the required high standards and rigor, our clients want to rely on partners capable of supporting them over the long term. Driven by this determination, our teams are proud to share their know-how, to build relationships of trust and to work hand in hand for the common good.


Collaboration Betters The World


Alispharm is an integral part of Collaboration Betters The World (CBTW), a global tech solutions company that believes in the transformative power of collaboration. CBTW’s approach combines deep industry insights with a broad range of services designed to deliver results for our clients. Its areas of expertise include Strategy & Consulting, Innovation & Design, Technology & Engineering, and Industry-Specific offerings. Operating in over 20 countries with a team of 4,000 tech experts, CBTW offers solutions that not only tackle technological and operational challenges but also aim to create a positive impact. In line with its mission, CBTW has pledged to allocate 3% of its 2025 revenue to support education projects, underscoring its commitment to a brighter future for teams, communities, and the planet.

As part of this larger vision, Alispharm supports CBTW’s commitment to transforming challenges into opportunities for impact and growth.

A brief presentation of our service lines:

  1. Positive Thinking Company. A global tech company specialized in Cloud, Data & Analytics,Software Product Engineering, Hyperautomation, Digital Workplace and Security.
  2. Versett. A consulting company specialized in the design of new products, improvement of existing products, product consulting, launch of new companies, strategic design and workshops.
  3. SteepConsult. A consulting company specialized in innovation and strategy, data strategy, governance and delivery.
  4. Otofacto. An engineering and consulting company that supports manufacturing companies in their digital journey towards Industry 4.0.
  5. OneAston. A consulting company specialized in the improvement of banking experience.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Reponsibility is divided into different sections:

  1. Social reponsibility: social accountability towards our co-workers
  2. Ethical business conduct: respect of guidelines and principles of the business sphere
  3. Respect of the environment: commitment to tackle environmental challenges
  4. Solidary involvement: the ‘learning together’ initiative