Our business

Quality Assurance, Process Engineering & Equipment’s reliability

We made the decision to be specialized in the Life Sciences in order to meet our customers’ needs with relevancy, efficiency and responsiveness!

Based on thorough, advisory knowledge of the healthcare industry, our services are based on the support of a team of competent engineers and pharmacists who are all expertly qualified & experienced in Quality Assurance and Process Engineering.

A complete offer

We are able to intervene throughout the whole quality evaluation process during a product’s lifespan in order to guarantee the services covering all our clients’ needs.

Our single, most pressing objective is to realize our services “according to your requirements”.



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Operational Centre of Excellence

AlisPharm stands out from the crowd due to its high level of guaranteed technical excellence, reinforced by an in-house OPERATIONAL CENTER OF EXCELLENCE.

Based on 10 years managerial and technical know-how, our center is guided by 4 experts dedicated full time to the proper sizing of our services, training of our consultants and the following up of our services with both clients and consultants. This advocacy can be based on technical assistance or on package basis.

The operational center of excellence is based on 4 pillars:

  • Pharmaceutical process validation
  • Special process validation (Medical devices)
  • Equipment reliability
    • Operational Quality Assurance